Featuring performances from:
Pedro & Gestalta
Ayumi Lanoire
Sauvage_x & Noctuelle

Doors at 8pm
Tickets are £15 each BUY TICKETS

Performer biographies

Pedro & Gestalta

Pedro’s decade-plus obsession with rope started in 2003 with Osada Steve at Studio 6, Tokyo. Since then, this amazing odyssey in kinbaku has allowed him to meet/see/learn from so many great people; including Nawashi Akechi Denki Sensei, Nawashi Kanna, Yukimura Haruki, Nureki Chimuo, Naka Akira, Randa Mai, Miura Takumi, Hajime Kinoko to name a few…
He frequently travels to Japan to keep alive his passion for rope, studies and research, and has performed across Europe, the US and Japan.
Gestalta found shibari in 2007 and although she spent the first few years exploring ropes predominantly as a model, she had more recently been concentrating only on tying, until Pedro invited her to ‘temporarily’ come out of retirement earlier this year. As a result this will be her first London show on the inside of the ropes in well over a year.
Pedro and Gestalta met in London at the 2011 LFAJRB. Over the years their paths crossed a number of times but it wasn’t until July 2015 that they had the opportunity to work on a performance together, at an event in Tokyo organised by Nawashi Kanna to mark the 10th anniversary of Akechi sensei’s passing. Then, in 2016 Pedro was invited by Culturgest (a Portuguese art museum) to restage an art piece entitled “shibari” that he had first performed in 2005. He invited Gestalta to collaborate on the project and they worked together for two months in order to create and practice an extremely demanding twenty-five transition sequence with a duration of over one hour that was presented over 2 nights in Lisbon.

Following this, they decided to continue to work together and, after The Soap Box, are looking forward to touring Australia in early 2017. December Soap Box Performances

Ayumi Lanoire

Ayumi LaNoire is a Pole performer/ Dancer/ Fire Eater/ Model based in United Kingdom.
Ayumi grew up in Tokyo, Japan. Her performing carrier started as a stage actress in 2001. Ayumi has been trained for acting, singing and dancing, meanwhile, looking for a form of performing that she is meant to belong to.
After a few years, moving to London, U.K., Ayumi has met pole dancing then instantly fell in love. Winning some UK national championships, Ayumi is currently performing for clubs and events as a professional performer.
Ayumi has also been trained in Fire Eating and Fire Poi, Japanese rope art which are her another passion.
December Soap Box Performances

Sauvage_x & Noctuelle

Noctuelle and Sauvage_x met at Anatomie Studio and have been rope partners in crime for nearly two years.
Noctuelle’s background in ballet and her profession as a jewellery designer influence her aesthetic approach to rope. She aims to tell a story that goes beyond the dynamics that are formed between the individuals.
Sauvage_x is a regular face at Anatomie, with a wide range of influences, and has enjoyed tying for nearly a decade. He likes things that glow in the dark and is suspected to be an alien from the planet asanawa.
During their performance at the Soapbox, they will Make 2016 Great Again… December Soap Box Performances