The October Soap Box will see an evening of more traditional rope performances than past events. Soap Box organiser Gestalta will perform with Sophia as her model, and studio owners Fred Hatt and Miss Bones will be on stage together for the first time since their opening show at Anatomie’s first ever performance night with Kasumi Hourai in 2015.

Our guest performers will be Kazami Ranki and Tsukio from Japan. Kazami (the atrocious nawashi) has been known in Japan for his sadism for many years, and his bondage was an early influence on the tying styles of both Fred Hatt & Gestalta.

Tickets for the evening are priced at £15 each and you can buy tickets here.

Performer biographies

Kazami Ranki & Tsukio

Fred Hatt & Miss Bones

FredHatt and MissBones are academics, researchers and teachers by training so their approach and love for rope is very much driven by an intellectual curiosity to understand how rope works at its many levels: be in the technical aspects of how the rope (the material) is actually made, to understanding how to the creative process works and the ‘maths’ behind the mechanics of sadism. Overall, they lean towards a rather technical style of rope, with FredHatt‘s trademark subtle geeky sadism complimenting MissBones playful bendiness. They have been tying together since 2013 and regularly teach and perform both inside and outside the UK - They have also been organising rope events in London since 2014. October Soap Box Performances

Gestalta & Sophia

Gestalta is a professional rigger who was first introduced to shibari in 2007. She absorbed much of her technical rigging style as a natural process of observation and experience during the many years she spent as a shibari model; having the good fortune to work with many of the best rope artists in both the west and Japan. She first found shibari as a form of performance art around 2 years into her exploration of ropes. As a performer her work is often direct and minimalistic with a focus on bold, dynamic transitions and movements, which she likes to contrast by presenting in a soft, subtle, and feminine way. She has taught and/or performed in Japan, Australia, UK, Germany, Spain, France, Czech, Switzerland, Portugal and others. Sophia is a self-confessed rope masochist who discovered Shibari when she met Gestalta at an event in London in 2014. Since then she has steadily become immersed into the London rope community and has developed a great passion for learning more about herself and connecting with others through the experience of Shibari. Her favourite style of rope is intense, dynamic and contorted. She feels very honoured to have already traveled to Japan, USA, Russia and Europe as a rope bottom/model for workshops, events and performance! October Soap Box Performances